Why Donate?

  1. Because you’re amazing

Donating to charity is just reaffirmation that you are a wonderful person that is willing to make the world a better place. It’s not often that in our very busy lives we get the chance to help another but when we do get the chance it is fulfilling. There are a huge number of people that are so self-absorbed they never look up to see what they can do for others. You are among a minority of those that do and that makes you amazing!

  1. Your donations make you respected

Donations can help you earn respect in many areas. Philanthropy is a noble act that only people with a good heart can fall into and it also earns you a lot of respect from your peers and society in general. Other than that it will also earn you the undying respect of the International Sovereign Church and the people you inevitably help to feed that may not otherwise have a meal.

  1. Charity boosts motivation

Charity will help you boost your own motivation to go further in life. A lot of people all around the world work diligently towards the charities that they have an interest in. Since it is a very fulfilling act to give, it will help you add to your own personal motivation too. People who donate are often driven to donate more and a person can only donate more if they have more.

  1. An opportunity to give something back

Charity is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world that we take so much from.

  1. Charity reflects on your own inner values

For many people charity is a direct reflection of their own inner values. It is a deeply fulfilling exercise to be able to give to a cause that you are passionate about. In many cases people reflect on their own troubles and give away to charities that they can relate to morally. It also offers an insight into your own self and the areas where you could improve and get help.

  1. A great way to commemorate love

Love is a much needed emotion in today’s world and it is always welcomed. Love for a fellow being is a beautiful emotion that everyone should instill. It is a great way of cashing in on your own moral savings. It is one of the best ways to show the world that you do indeed care about something.

  1. Great way to publicize oneself

Although it should not be the primary motive behind making your donation, it is a great way to publicize you. If you are planning on philanthropy then giving away to charity that you care about is a great way to let people know of your intentions. It is also a good way to get some positive reviews on you in society.

  1. Helps you meet like minded and interesting people

Donation does not solely mean that you give away something material, maybe you are helping the ISC in the fundraiser. Possibly you will organize people locally to help you who will also volunteer and spend time working and getting to know each other. This form of charity is also a great way to give and you get to meet like minded people who share the same interests.

  1. Tax benefits

Tax benefits are also a great reason to donate. If you are going to use your donations on your taxes make sure that you save your e-mail receipt after making your donation. Why pay more in taxes when your money could go to helping someone in need?

  1. Because you can

The most important reason of all as to why you should donate is because you can. People amass wealth and luxury all their lives but are unable to give it away to charity because of their own greed. It is important for everyone to see that the world that we live in as our provider and we should give back whatever way we can. It is often seen that the people who don’t have much are the ones who are willing to give away the most. It is the duty to lend a hand if you are able as it is the only way that we can make our home a better place to live in not just for ourselves but also for the future generations that are to come.

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